We provide high-quality tools and equipment made of stainless steel, J2, and 440C materials. Our products are durable and pass all international quality control checks. Each instrument is carefully crafted to perfection through the professional craftsmanship and hard work of our employees.

Yes, meditra industries specialize in the production of not only medical but also surgical and dental tools and equipment. Our tools range from uses in cutting, grasping, restoring to homeostatic and dissecting instruments. All our products are safe and of high quality and no compromise is made on their proper production.

Depending on the type of product, we do provide bulk ordering with reasonable rates. Our products are for medical and surgical need needs therefore, understand that this equipment is needed in bulk. To place an order, visit our site or contact us through the methods listed on our website.

We deal in all types of beauty kits. Beauty products are one of our main categories of products. We have an extensive range of beauty kits like manicure kits. In addition to that, we have all the products of dental and surgical kits available.

Yes, meditra industries provide an exclusive range of manicure and pedicure kits. All our products are manufactured by professional craftsmen and supplied from trustworthy suppliers who never compromise on the production quality of these products.

We do provide an exchange of products to our customers within 30-45 days of purchase. However, these figures are subjected to the type and quantity of the product purchased. Nevertheless, we believe in keeping our customers satisfied and provide them with all possible assistance.

At meditra industries, we believe that the product quality directly reflects on the company’s integrity therefore you can count on us to provide the best of the best quality products at your doorstep. Our employees all share these values and our exchange policy is in place for the same reason: our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

Our charges vary from place to place. It depends on the location of the order and the products ordered. In addition to that, the supplier’s location also influences these charges. nonetheless, we make sure to keep these charges at a minimum for the convenience of our clients.

Yes, if the product is unused, in its package with its seal intact. We provide returns within 30 days of the order. However, we encourage our customers to order the right thing, as these products are very sensitive.

We provide top quality products with certification from ISO. All our products are made from high-quality materials and are available to the customers at affordable rates.